Last week we touched on four tile trends that are an easy way to make a statement and upgrade your bathroom. Here are a few more trends that are hard to pass up! 

Large Tiles
Tile trends keep getting larger and larger. The large porcelain tiles that are veined like marble are making a huge impact. Used inside the shower or even in the kitchen backsplash, it continuously is replacing stone.




Shaped Tiles
Using as a statement piece inside the shower or the entire walls of the bathroom, different shaped tiles can range from bold to sophisticated. These help develop character throughout your bathroom.






Metallic Finishes
This is a huge up and coming trend that really wows. Metallic and shiny tiles give a modern and edgy look to your bathroom. Use this as an accent wall or to complement the other tile throughout the room.





Marble flooring

This is an easy way to make your bathroom look clean and white, while adding character with the marble tiles. This high end material is known for its luxurious beauty. This natural rock has its own unique design in every tile. The difference in the veining and subtle color shading results in an appealing overall look. These marble tiles work best in larger bathrooms and also come in porcelain tiles that have the same look as actual marble. This helps keep cost down with getting the same desired look as real marble tiles.  





Wood plank flooring

Larger wood plank flooring is becoming very popular in bathrooms. Most widths are around 6” but vary anywhere from 12” to 48” long. This allows you to create chevron or herringbone patterns for something unique. These tiles offer stain resistance and water resistance without sacrificing the design aesthetics.