Bathrooms used to be a second thought room-not much time is spent in there as is in the kitchen or living room, right? Well, think of the bathroom as the final frontier; the one room that has beenTile-pic-5 overlooked for many, many years that is experiencing a surge in design, space, and flooring options.


We are spending more time in the bathroom with all of the new, luxurious options that are out there. People are opting for clawed foot tubs, saunas, and even coffee bars (yes, it’s a real thing). With this much time being spent in the bathroom, designers are giving consumers more and more options to make the bathroom just as much of a show stopper as the living room or kitchen. Added bonus: updated bathrooms and kitchens have great resale value.


slider-kfHardwood floors are making a comeback to bathrooms in a big way. One would think with as many technological improvements we’ve made in the years, our bathrooms would reflect our modern world. Actually, many are moving towards vintage and classic looks, opting for warmth and natural textures, thinking beyond the floor and installing hardwood on walls; even ceilings! Warm wood is a great contrast to white sinks and tubs.  Adding wood against subway tiles and using vintage knobs will give your bathroom a great urban/industrial look.


One of the biggest trends in bathrooms right now is using patterned cement tiles on floors. If you like the Moroccan look or just enjoy a punch of color and pattern against an otherwise colorless bathroom, these graphic patterns will make your bathroom feel old world and handmade! Mix in hints of brass or gold to bring warmth and don’t be afraid of pattern!  Mixing up elements with a punch of color will tie the looks together-a great option for a guest bathroom or first floor powder room.


Although there is a movement towards adding natural elements and interest in bathrooms, there are also many who are pulling color out of the bathroom, opting for slick marble and minimal style. This ‘day spa’ approach is bringing luxury into an otherwise dull bathroom. If marble is beyond your budget, but you wish to have this look in your bathroom, there are other options; ceramic tile and even luxury vinyl tiles are available in a myriad of options, including the marble look, giving you the bathroom of your dreams!


If you’re considering updating your bathroom and aren’t sure what direction you want to go in (maybe you like and appreciate all styles! We do too!) Our designers will help you decide accordingForney tile 3 to your budget and your lifestyle. Give us a call and enjoy your morning routine or wind down after a long day in style!