Best Flooring Options for your Bathroom

The Best Options for Bathroom Flooring

When picking flooring for your bathroom, there’s more than just thinking about your own style. There are some important factors to consider – how does your new flooring handle water? Will it stain easily or have traction to walk across with wet feet? The following is a breakdown of the most popular choices for bathroom floors to help make your important decision.

Porcelain or ceramic

  • Porcelain tile is the best of all worlds for bathrooms. They are easy to maintain, are durable, waterproof and stain resistant as well as being cost-efficient. Many people choose this type due to the simple fact that they don’t have to worry about water damage or extra moisture on their floors. The styles and colors to choose from are endless. Plus, if you’re a hardwood flooring fan, you can even find ceramic tiles that look like wood! There are a few cons to note as well. They can be difficult to install and can feel cold and hard to the touch, which can be a turn off to those who gravitate more towards liking the luxury of a heated floor. Yes, they can feel cold but investing in a good pair of slippers is an easy fix! Overall, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Natural Stone Tiles

  • There are many different kinds of stone tiles available in all texture variations. They are also very durable but they do have a higher maintenance than porcelain or ceramic. They require regular cleaning and sealing and can be very pricey. Natural stone can provide a luxurious, high-end look to any bathroom. Marble, travertine, slate and granite are some main options to choose from, as well as a variety of textures including etched, sandblasted, and tumbled. Natural stone flooring is one of the more expensive flooring options out there right now. And because it tends to be more difficult to install, professional installation is a must! It does hold up to the moisture in bathrooms, so it is a good long-term investment to your bathroom.6667155809 c94ae91563 w 300x250 - Best Flooring Options for your Bathroom

Cork Flooring

  • Cork flooring is not as common as other floors but very eco-friendly and easy install. So it’s becoming more popular as many can Do-It-Yourself. It is low maintenance and easy upkeep. Perfect for a bathroom as it is soft to walk on and warm to the touch, so it feels good on your feet!. Cork also has anti-microbial properties that resists both mold and mildew, which is ideal in any bathroom setting. Although it is water resistant, it is not waterproof. Unfinished tiles do require multiple layers of polyurethane when installing, otherwise your flooring could warp or crack.

Engineered Hardwood

  • If you have your heart set on hardwood floors in your bathroom, then engineered hardwood is a great option. It’s made of real wood, but because it has many layers with a veneer top, it can go places that solid hardwood planks often can’t. This kind of flooring can withstand heat and moisture, unlike their solid wood counterpart. There are a variety of options to choose from and can even be installed over existing flooring. Engineered hardwood is one of the more expensive flooring options for a bathroom so expect to pay ab
    out as much as you would for solid wood, some cases, even more. Also keep in mind that it is water resistant, not waterproof. It can be tough to repair damaged boards if water does find its way between boards.

6602370107 910ae09b09 w 240x300 - Best Flooring Options for your Bathroom

Luxury Vinyl

  • Luxury vinyl, or plank flooring can give your bathroom a high-end look for a fraction of the price. It can often come in a wood and natural stone options as well. You can find water-resistant and waterproof planks, which is a huge bonus when used in a bathroom. Luxury vinyl feels good to walk on and can be installed over existing flooring. There are a few disadvantages to this type of flooring though. First, it most likely won’t increase your property value as other flooring would. It can look “cheap” if installed incorrectly, so definitely wouldn’t recommend for a DIY project. And lastly, this type of flooring may omit VOCs.

Which one is better for refinishing hardwood floors? Oil or water-based poly?

The difference between oil-based and water-based polyurethanes isn’t one of better or worse. They are both used with excellent results but it’s really the project, not the actual product that determines the choice on which to use. 

Drying time:
– Water-based polys can be recoated in 4-6 hours and up to 4 coats can be applied in one day. After the final coat, there is a 12 hour wait period before furniture can be placed back into its original position on the floors.
– Oil-based poly can be applied in just 1 or 2 coats per day depending on the product (per cans instructions). Wait time can be up to 24 hours after the last coat is applied to even walk on and 48 hours total before moving furniture back into that room. This can be a huge deal breaker if timing is an issue. 

maxresdefault 1 300x169 - Which one is better for refinishing hardwood floors? Oil or water-based poly?

Both polys are long-lasting but there is a difference in how they wear and what you can do to protect your new finish. 

  • Since water-based poly is harder, it is more susceptible to surface abrasions and scratches caused by dirt and other debris. You should vacuum your floors regularly, using a specialty hardwood floor vacuum. 
  • Oil-based poly finishes are softer so they don’t scratch as easily but they dent more often than water-based. While keeping dirt and grit off the floor is always a great idea, it is just as important to put pads underneath furniture feet to help prevent denting. 


Water-based poly costs 2-3 times more than oil-based products. When calculating costs and coats, it’s about 35-50  cents per square foot for oil based poly and around 80-$1.35 per square foot for water based polyurethane. Most well known brands make both types of finish so it makes comparing prices fairly easy.


  • water-based finishes have a slight odor. There is no need for a respirator, but it’s always a good idea to at least have a window cracked to let in a little fresh air
  • Oil-based polyurethanes have a very strong odor. It is recommended to wear a respirator and to keep those with breathing issues away from the smell. This also includes pets! The area should be well ventilated – windows open and fans circulating. The strong smell will stick around for a few days or until the poly has fully cured.

FloorFinishing BeforeAfter 300x113 - Which one is better for refinishing hardwood floors? Oil or water-based poly?

The Look:

These two types of finishes will look different when applied, but even more so, as they age. ,
– water based poly dries clear and always remains clear
– oil-based poly has an amber tone that immediately darkens the wood. As it ages, the amber continues to deepen.

No matter the odor, drying time or cost – the look of your floors is really what should matter most. The smell will be gone in a week but you will have to live with the look for years! A quick reference: 

  • Water-based should be used if you want your floors to stay the same color. Wood that is light, white or gray will almost always look better with a clear coat (or water-based finish). Woods that have yellow tints (fir, ash, pine) will become even more yellow with an oil-based poly. Go with water-based if that’s a look you want to avoid, or choose an oil-based poly to enhance the tint.
  • Oil-based poly will help enhance and enrich dark wood tones. It will give them an oily sheen and bring out the vibrant colors of cherry or oak floors. 

Matching Wall Paint to Your Hardwood Floors

While carpet is a thing of the past, it surely hasn’t gone away but hardwood floors lead the trend of home interior design style and is the desirable choice for most homeowners. Hardwood floors create a clean, sleek look that doesn’t hold on to dust and grime like carpet does. A huge advantage of hardwood floors is that they are made to last for generations. Like carpet, hardwood comes in a variety of colors and shades.

The hardwood may be painted, stained or left the natural color of the wood. No matter the color of your hardwood, you want to make sure your color choice for the walls in your home will work with the floors to create the aesthetic that you want in your home. Do you want drama of a strong contrast, warm and coziness of dark colors, bright and warm? Getting the combo right the first time is important, rather than living with the regret of a wrong paint choice. We will go in depth to tell you the best combos for hardwood floors.4a3d4bd5579819bb06746965b12b8944 300x225 - Matching Wall Paint to Your Hardwood Floors

Light Hardwood Floors can help brighten up a room, making it appear larger. It is best practice to accentuate this feature by keeping the walls relatively light as well. Together it can make the room appear more open, especially if there is light coming in the windows. Using paint colors like in the whites, creams, light grays, beige, taupe, greige (cool gray-warm beige) and tan will help get you the bright, clean look. While these shades are neutral, they come in many different shades with undertones that could compliment your floors. Painting your trim the same color as the walls can help keep your room light and airy, painting the trims white can help give your room a bolder but subtle contrast. No matter what color you’re using, just make you use a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish on the trim so that it can handle all the wear and tear!

Dark hardwood floors are very popular right now and can even be stained black for a dramatic effect. Dark hardwood tends to feel more high-end but can also make the space feel smaller than it actually is. Generally, the best wall colors for dark floors is light. You want to try and balance out the dark with light. You can choose a severe white, cool white, or even an off white, cream or ivory. If you love color, try the lightest shade of your desired color, like an extreme pale pink or blue. Otherwise, rooms can feel too closed off and small. If you love contrast and drama, an accent wall could be perfect for your space. Painting just one out of four walls in the room a bolder color, while keeping the other walls light and neutral can incorporate bold colors without swallowing up the whole room.

1 3 300x200 - Matching Wall Paint to Your Hardwood Floors

If you have a chair rail around the room or wainscoting, try painting the wainscoting or chair rail white and painting the rest of the wall your bolder, darker color. This combo helps create a dramatic effect that has an elegant look. The darker colors are separated from the floor by a section of white, so you can get away with the darker color!Design by Leanne Ford 1670x1112 1 300x200 - Matching Wall Paint to Your Hardwood Floors

While paying attention to home trends is important if you want your home to embrace current styles, remember that the most important thing is that your home is your personal sanctuary and should reflect the colors and styles that you love!

5 tips for keeping your floors from fading

Not all threats to your hardwood floor comes from dragging dirt, furniture and shoes throughout the house. While you might love a room flooded with natural light, tests have revealed that ultraviolet rays can take a bigger toll on wood floors than originally thought. The good news is that being proactive can increase the life of your floors and help protect them for the future.

1. Keeping shades, curtains and blinds closed when the sun is hitting the windows, will drastically cut down on the ultraviolet and infrared light reaching your floor.

2. Use furniture and large area rugs to minimize wood exposure.11 29 4 225x300 - 5 tips for keeping your floors from fading

3. Switching the layout of furniture and area rugs a few times a year will help minimize the direct sunlight to wood floors. It doesn’t have to be a drastic remodel, but just enough that different areas of the floor is exposed to different light.

4. Use window film specifically designed for reducing UV damage. This is a DIY project that can be done inexpensively.

5. Applying a sun resistant sealant to the floors can help reduce the amount of light getting to the floors. There is sealant for every floor type and will save you from having to refinish your floors for years.

Kitchen Trendzz According to Houzz

Redoing your kitchen is a big step for any homeowner. It’s a significant investment of time and money. Until a kitchen remodel, you may never have thought twice about drawer pulls and backsplashes. If you’re wondering what kitchen decor is on-trend for 2020, the home decor website Houzz has the answers for you. They recently published the results of their kitchen trends survey. (Don’t forget to check out the KFD Houzz page!) These are some of the survey’s findings that we find most interesting.

traditional - Kitchen Trendzz According to Houzz

Transitional kitchen by Kruper Flooring and Design

Transitional Styling Remains #1 – According to Houzz, “a majority (85%) of renovating homeowners change the style of their kitchen when renovating. And among them, transitional is the most popular look (21%), followed by contemporary (16%), modern (15%) and traditional (11%). Transitional, a blend of contemporary and traditional styles, has been the most popular style for renovated kitchens undergoing a style change for three years in a row.”  Farmhouse style is not as popular as it once was, only 11% of homeowners are choosing the style compared to 14% just last year.

Cabinets –  Houzz also found that most homeowners (68%) who remodel their kitchens choose to replace their cabinets instead of refurbishing or partially upgrading them (27%). White is far and away the most popular color choice for cabinets, followed by wood tones and gray. A whopping 61% of homeowners chose Shaker-style doors for their new kitchen. It’s not surprising because they fit in well with transitional kitchens.

Islands are Treasured – Homeowners love islands. Only 39% of homeowners who remodel their kitchens forego an island altogether. Islands seem to be the place where homeowners show creativity, with 2 in 5 choosing a contrasting color cabinet color for their island. 13% choose a contrasting door-style for their island. More than 25% of new islands feature a contrasting countertop, with good old butcher-block leading the way. it’s not just a matter of form over function though. According to Houzz, homeowners who “add or upgrade a kitchen island include at least some storage in it (98%), with cabinets with doors (79%) or drawers (70%) the most popular options.”

What’s Tops in Tech? – Of the homeowners upgrading or adding tech, charging stations are the most popular choice. Charging stations, or docking stations, are a central location where you can plug-in or store all of your favorite devices. They usually feature USB ports as well as electric outlets, and cords are usually hidden away. There are some types of tech that aren’t as popular this year: high-tech faucets and appliances. According to Houzz, 57% of faucets and 30% of appliances were high-tech in last year’s report, compared with 51% and 25% in this year’s.

There’s a lot of interesting information in the Houzz survey. If you’re wondering how they conducted the study, Houzz says “The 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study gathered information from nearly 2,600 Houzz users who had completed a kitchen remodel or addition in the previous 12 months, were working on one or were planning to start one in the next three months.” If you’re unsure which of these trends you should incorporate into your kitchen remodel, contact us! We are happy to help.