There’s nothing like new hardwood floors, right? The way they shine, and look so upscale; it’s truly a luxurious experience (even if you didn’t pay luxurious prices).  But, after a while you see that they lose their shine, and are quite beat up, even though you clean them often. What are you doing to ruin your floors? Here are a few mistakes you can easily avoid.



Recent-job-1Vacuuming is essential to housekeeping, but the beater brush on a vacuum can actually gouge your hardwood floors. Use the hardwood option on your vacuum to prevent damage on your floors. Many times, after a good vacuum, you may want to wash the floors too, but be careful; too much water on the floor will get between the boards and cause them to swell, leading to buckling issues. Use a damp mop or towel, or even a wet Swiffer. They add just enough wetness without causing extra damage to your floors.


Keep in mind that if there is a water, or liquid spill, to clean it up right away. Letting the liquid sit there will also cause it to seep into the cracks, and allow moisture beneath the boards causing them to warp. Clean a spill immediately to prevent any further damage.


Protect your floors from the front door with a well-placed door mat.  A large door mat will allow your guests enough space to clean off their shoes, take them off, and put them aside till they’re ready to leave! Door mats keep the gravel remnants and dirt from digging into your hardwood which can do an incredible amount of damage. Just be sure when you are cleaning the floors, to lift the door mat and clean whatever dirt has gotten trapped underneath.


Speaking of guests and shoes, if your guests are wearing high heels (or if your children walk in with cleats), ask them to take them off before walking throughout the house. Cleats and heels reallyIMG_22301 do some damage to hardwood; imagine a tiny hammer every time you take a step!  Be conscious of the shoes you wear and of your guests as well.


You’ve spent so much time and money in selecting the perfect floors for your home. Don’t inadvertently destroy them well beyond their time. Learn more about how best to take care of your new floors with one of our designers. We want you to enjoy your floors for a very long time!