Carpets don’t have the best reputation. They’re hard to clean, wear out, and often don’t look too appealing. They look hideous when they’re wearing out and can even decrease the value of your home. Carpets have no place in the modern home…or do they? The above criticisms against carpets are valid, we can’t deny that. But carpets still have value in the right home.


All flooring options look good when installed properly. Having the right person there with you to make your vision for the house a reality is invaluable. Sometimes the best choice is to replace carpet with hardwood floors, but not always.


Makes Your Home Warmer


For anyone living in a house that’s a little cold, or you want to keep warmth in for whatever reason, carpet can help with that. The fabric absorbs heat while hardwood floors stay cool. It’s enough of a difference where you don’t notice it in the summers, but it will make getting out of bed in the winters much more comfortable.


Safer for Little Ones


Children are not the most careful creatures. They run, slip, fall, and bump into anything in their way. Having a soft floor to land on will make those hundreds of little bumps and falls easier to handle. It’s also helpful for the elderly, or any adults who lean on the clumsy side (no shame in that, obviously). It’s not like you can fall everywhere and never expect it to hurt, but it will soften the impact enough for a baby possibly get back up instead of crying.


Beautiful, Modern options available


Carpets don’t have to be ugly. When a comment on aesthetics is made about carpet, it’s more often about old style trends and designs. But you can create stunning and unique designs with a custom carpet. Take a look at some carpets we’ve done!


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 So, are carpets out of fashion? A little. But are they obsolete? No, far from it. They still serve their unique purposes and can be beautiful when well maintained. At the end of the day, you decide what you want your home to be like, and if that includes carpet, great! And if it doesn’t, that’s OK, we have plenty of other options!