Do you think of your formal dining room as a waste of space? Not everyone has the need for a long dining room table that only gets used a handful of times throughout the year. There are plenty of things that you can do with the space to make the room more functional for you or your family. 

Home Office
As we have shifted away from the need for large formal entertaining spaces in the home, we have shifted towards designated work spaces. Having a home office is a luxury as the rise in remote work has increased and makes a huge difference in your ability to get your work done from home. This can require a small renovation if you want to add doors to the space but otherwise, won’t hinder future projects with the space.




If you are a book lover, turn your formal dining room into your own home library. Add bookshelves, big comfy reading chairs, bright lighting and a step stool or sliding ladder if your bookshelves go all the way to the ceiling.

The family room is a place for play and leisure, but if you have a growing family with little kids, this is a great way to keep toys in one room. Having storage and built in shelves is a great way to be able to hide the toys when company is over. This helps give your kids their own space that is separate from the rest of the house. A space that is designated for arts and crafts or even a swing or rock wall to enjoy.



Whether you’re into yoga, running on a treadmill, taking a spin class or weight training, this large space in your home might be the perfect in-home gym. Putting down rubber tile flooring and adding some equipment and a large tv and you’re set.

Craft Room
If you constantly find yourself using your dining room table more for crafts and other projects than actually eating meals, then maybe it’s a sign you need a craft room. Turning this pace into an area designated for crafts will help foster your imagination and help keep your crafting organized. Adding a craft table and storage shelves will help transform this space and keep all of your supplies handy and organized.

Game Room
Instead of inviting friends over for a nice dinner in your formal dining room, have them over for a game of pool in your new game room. Yes, you could turn your space into a game room. Whether it’s pool, ping pong, pinball or even video games, you can turn your formal dining room into the ultimate entertaining space.