Accent walls, whether big or small, can make a major impact on a room’s style. When plain white walls will always be considered a “safer choice”, opting to go big with a pop of style or unexpected pattern of material on one wall can make it feel like the space is truly lived in. By blending color, texture, and tone, you can create an epic space that will become the centerpiece of the room. It sounds like it could throw your symmetry off balance, but it actually will add a touch of dimension, intrigue and style. After seeing the options below, you will want one in every single room of your house. 

Wallpaper is making a major comeback. One can’t be too surprised when it’s easy to apply and even easier to remove than ever before. This allows you to create an accent wall without the long-term commitment! The key to wallpaper is to keep it to one wall only to help avoid feeling closed in.

Create with Paint
One bold color as an accent wall can make all the difference in a room – but why would you when there is so much more that you can do with paint? Stripes, circles, chevron or herringbone are all on-point style choices. All you need for this project is paint, painters tape, a pencil and a level.

With a few strips of MDF and very little money, you can create an elegant and restful accent wall for any room – from bedroom to dining room. This treatment adds a luxurious element to your space and is the perfect backdrop to your headboard. With so many different styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong. 

Feature Wall
You can finally have a good reason to display all the pictures you have been storing on your phone or hard drive. A photo wall is a great way to share and relive those precious memories all while creating a brilliant accent wall. Whether creating a sleek, uniformed gallery wall or choosing a few colors of frames that complement each other and mix the texture and size. To make sure they are positioned correctly, cut the frame size out of paper and use painters tape to place on the wall before nailing on the wall. 

Add Wood
Wood is the perfect accent wall material because it can instantly warm up any space, whether sleek or rustic. just make sure to paint the remaining walls in the room a color that carries the same undertone as the wood used on the walls for an undeniable unified look.