Any housing project is going to be huge and even daunting, especially for new homeowners. There is no doubt that these projects can are both expensive and necessary. It can be easy to try to find ways you can do it yourself and save as much money as possible. And that actually leads to one of the most common mistakes first timers make in that they overestimate their abilities, go cheap and do their own floors, and as the project goes on, they are met with a ton of surprises that blows their project way over budget.

We don’t want that.

So we made this guide to help you as you go through budgeting for your flooring project.

Start Planning Early

As with any housing project, you want to plan for it over a long period of time. If possible, see if you can start putting in a little bit of money every month do that you can save ahead instead of spending over a period of many years later. The earlier you start saving, the easier this process will be.

The good thing about your floor is that it decays very slowly, so you can be aware of the warning signs and start saving over a period of many months and you can expect the floor to still be usable until you replace it.

Get an Accurate Measurement for Your Room

Floor prices vary depending on the amount of floor space you’re modeling. One common mistake new folks make is that they estimate their floor measurements. Don’t eyeball it, just do the work and get an exact measurement for your room in square feet before moving on. You want your budget to be accurate.

Research Supplies and Get Samples

Don’t be afraid to take your time and compromise between the floor you want and the floor you can afford. You’re going to be happiest when you can sacrifice a little bit of both, but not go too far on one side. So that means allowing yourself to spend a little bit extra on a floor you like while also not overspending on a luxury you can’t afford.

When doing this, you want to meet with a professional. Having a professional to consult early on will not only help you as you adjust your plans and your budget, but it also helps us because we know you’re serious and responsible about this project.

Once you’ve done your research, you should be able to calculate how much money you will need for materials. The professional you consult with also give you a quote for the whole project.

Be Patient, Save Your Money

Don’t gamble by doing the project yourself. When you budget with a professional, the amount you spend becomes a lot more similar to the amount you were expecting to spend. Once you get a few quotes from various professionals, allow yourself some time to save up the money, negotiate quality and price, and also work with your professional flooring service about pricing options.

It’s best for you to save your money ahead of time, but you can often take a loan with the company to pay off the floor over time. Most folks do both, they save for quite a while so that they can take a much lower loan. That decision is up to you and how much you trust yourself to save along with how urgent the project is.

A new floor is a huge investment, but these first steps should help you get started,