Ceiling color helps enhance the look and mood of your home’s interior and adds character. But how do you know what color to paint it? While most people would say white, have you seen how many shades of “white” there are? If you’ve never contemplated anything beyond the basic neutral, you might be missing out on an opportunity to add excitement and drama to a room. When you are choosing paint colors for your ceiling, consider what will best coordinate with your home’s architecture, wall color, trim and other furnishings. 

The ceilings in your home represent 1/6th of the space in a room but it hardly ever gets more than a basic coat of white paint. While bright white is usually considered the safest option, it is certainly not the only choice. Here are some alternative choices to the basic white paint. 

Bold Color
If you don’t want to have bold colors on your walls, a pop of color on the ceiling might be perfect for your space. By keeping the rest of the walls neutral, the bold color will help complement the space. 


Square panels are another popular option for ceilings. There are many interesting design options but even a plain square design can add dimension to the room.


Usually wallpaper is for walls but it can just as easily be applied to the ceiling. If you love patterns, this is an easy way to add it to your room without having to cover every wall.


Wood planks
If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling with exposed beams or other woodwork throughout your home, then why bother changing the look. But if these aren’t already part of your home’s structure, you can still add them as your design element with wood planks as your ceiling.


Subtle Color
If an all white room feels too sterile but a pop of bright color isn’t your style either, a subtle color can help add dimension and interest to your room.