Fall is here and with it comes chilly mornings, warm afternoons and cold nights! It’s time to make some changes in your home for the colder weather ahead!

1.Have your furnace inspected by an HVAC technician.

A $100 inspection now could help identify problems that may cost a lot more if they aren’t fixed. It is great to identify problems before it is fully winter time too, the wait times for a qualified company to come check your unit increase significantly the longer you wait! Also stock up on furnace filters and plan to change once per month, set a reminder on your phone to help you remember to switch! A clean filter helps your unit runs effectively and minimizes dust particles in the air.

2. Check for drafts!

Feel for drafts around the edges of windows and doors. Using a lighted candle (carefully) near windows or doors can help you identify a draft. If the candle flame flickers, there is most likely a draft! Having windows replaced is ideal but heavier or insulated drapery can help keep down chilly air flowing into the room.

3. Test your home safety devices

Test the batteries on your home safety devices such as your fire and Carbon monoxide detectors. Checking these devices at least once per month is recommended for the safety of your family.

4. Change Up Your Linens

Beds may need thicker blankets or quilts once the nights turn cold. Wash lighter summer blankets and store away for next year. Now is also an ideal time to wash all your mattress pads, duvets, and comforters before remaking the beds. Change out throw blankets on couches as well, swapping a lighter cotton blanket for heavy knitted, quilted, or fleece throws for added warmth when relaxing on the couch.

5. Clean!

More time inside means clutter and dust will be more noticeable to you and your family. Give each room of your house a thorough dusting and vacuuming for a fresh start to the season. Clean your kitchen counters thoroughly to get ready for holiday baking and cooking.

6. Steam Clean Your Carpets!

A warm October afternoon is usually the perfect temperature for drying carpets fast! Use your own, rent a machine, or hire a company to come in and steam clean the carpets in your home. Steam cleaning carpets can remove deep down dirt, dust, and allergens while also removing stains from spills or pets. Carpet cleaning companies can get busy closer to the holidays as people prepare their homes for guests so try to schedule this sooner rather than later.

7. Get a programmable thermostat

These popular devices allow you to set the temperature of your home. A consistent temperature is ideal for maintaining hardwood floors, since changes in temperature and humidity can cause fluctuations in floor boards or separation between them.

8. Lay Down Floor Mats

Nothing dispels a cozy feeling faster than soggy messes! Keep a floor mat on the inside and outside of every entrance point to reduce the cold, damp outdoors being dragged inside. Having a shoes-off policy in your home is also great for preventing a build-up of grime on your floors!