Here are some flooring trends for 2018! If you are thinking of upgrading or updating your flooring in 2018, look to this list for inspiration!

1.Wide Plank Floors

12 6 pic 4 225x300 - 8 Flooring Trends for 2018Hardwood flooring remains super popular with homeowners, with trends currently pushing towards wider plank floors. Floor boards are often a foot wide or broader. This look works well with a farmhouse look but also lends a mature, authentic look to other designs.

2.Gray Wood Flooring

Gray wood floors are becoming increasingly common. A gray hardwood is unique and modern, and while they lack the warmth of traditional hardwood floors, they can look nice and clean in your home’s natural light!

3. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo wood is high quality and very durable. Bamboo boards can provide the look you want while minimizing some of the downsides of hardwood floors for families with small children and pets, such as easy scratches or dings.

4. Recycled Carpet

It made sound off-putting at first look, but recycled carpeting made from clean, recycled nylon and recycled plastic bottles is now available as a green option! Nylon is stain resistant and can be woven in many different pile designs, available for thick living room carpet to more utilitarian versions.

5. Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is super eco-friendly, springy, and offers an interesting wood pattern. It is very affordable but not as durable as regular hardwood or bamboo, making it less desirable if you have children or pets.

6. Distressed Plank Flooring

Distressed wood planks have great qualities, particularly since they are an eco-friendly choice! Made from reclaimed wood, they offer a green option for installing hardwoods and fit both modern and farmhouse style homes. This type of flooring does tend to be very expensive since “old” is new again and many people desire the history and quality of this type of flooring.

7. Ebony Wood Flooring

Ebony floors are extra dark hardwoods, a look that is achieved through a ebony stain. These rich, solid colored floors are on trend and pair well with light-colored walls, colorful rugs, and in a room with many windows!

8. Parquet Hardwood

Parquet hardwood floors are made of solid wood pieces that are arranged in geometric designs. This look was popular in the past and is currently seeing a revival! Don’t cover up this beautiful style with a large rug, it is really a work of 11 29 pic 2 1 225x300 - 8 Flooring Trends for 2018art!