Trends in the interior design world make the most of the space provided. Rooms are designed to serve a multitude of purposes and maximize square footage. Soft nostalgic colors will always be a popularity, with glossy high-shine finishes that are prevalent throughout the space. One of the primary characteristics that help distinguish a pretty room from a basic one is the attention to the rooms molding. One of the easiest ways to upgrade a room is to beef up the moldings in the room. This adds depth, width and height to all the walls. 

Crown Molding
A deep crown molding can add architecture to a room that has little to it and draws the eye upward in much the same way as curtains hung at ceiling height do.

Since you want the crown molding to seem like a natural extension of the wall, it can look disjointed when painted in contrast to the wall. When you paint the moldings the same color as the walls but in semigloss enamel finish, it makes the room feel larger. There is no white outline to draw the eye there and introduces a sophisticated touch to the room. 

Starting at the floor, baseboards are the visual foundation for a room. It is like a line drawn under everything else that goes into the room. If the room has hardwood floors, add shoe molding for a more dramatic detail. It’s higher than the normal quarter round and has a much better appearance.


Openings in walls without doors that are framed with woodwork are called “casings”. This trim, which wraps from one side of the wall to the other, defines the opening and protects the wall surface from scratches. A cased opening can suggest separation between two rooms without interrupting the flow.