Renovations of any kind come with a laundry list of surprises no matter how much you plan. Here are a few tips and tricks of those who have lived through a renovation and given their expert advice on what they wish they had known before they started. 

Get professional help
It sounds like a no-brainer but a kitchen designer will know tips and tricks that you won’t. But make sure you ask how they charge and if they bill for the design plus a markup on everything that you buy and if you can order things on your own to save money. Make sure you ask your kitchen contractor this as well.

Accept that living through a renovation will not be pleasant
This is just something that you will have to come to terms with. There will be drop cloths, dust, loud noise and you will be out of a kitchen for weeks.

Choose appliances early
Appliances have a huge impact on the layout of your kitchen. When you are planning, don’t just measure their width and think it will work in your space. Check the depth as well and leave a small clearance for circulation around door openings, including the side of the fridge, which often needs to be up to 3 inches to open the doors all the way. Make sure that you pick out your sink early too as it is just as important as your appliances. It is helpful if the store you buy your appliances and sink let’s you buy them early and then hold them until you are ready to install (because the appliances go in last).

Make one show stopping design choice
Everyone wants to give their kitchen a little personality but be careful not to turn it into a major eye sore with too many bold design choices. If you go for a loud backsplash, be sure to match it with a sleek countertop that compliments it and doesn’t add more patterns to the space.