While contemporary styles are constantly evolving and changing with the moment, there are a few key elements that today’s modern homes have:

Minimalism: Less is always more in a contemporary space. Modern designers like to use white space, allowing the distance between items to create a clean and simple aesthetic. Avoiding overcrowding items or having large overwhelming furniture and limiting bold, loud patterns is also key to achieving the look. 

Neutral tones: a neutral palette throughout the home is one of the main features of contemporary design. Using multiple shades of brown, beiges, taupes or grays together and dispersed through a home create a serene neutral tone to the space. Using pops of color to accent the space helps create smooth transitions with a rug, artwork, pillows or throw rugs. 

Mixed textures: Contemporary homes are heavy on the neutral tones so it’s important to make sure the rooms do not look dull and lifeless. To offset the simplicity, mixed textures, like silk pillows on a microfiber plush sofa, woven basket on a wool rug.

Metallic accents: Chrome, silver, and rose gold finishes are being swapped out for wood furniture. Today’s contemporary homes accent with side or end tables, picture frames, and metal light fixtures to add both form and function.