The weeks ahead are a time of love and celebration, but make sure to show your floors some extra love too by protecting them from potential damage. Here are 4 easy tips for holiday-proofing your floors during this magical season.

#1 – The first step to holiday-proofing your floors is to make sure all of your furniture (especially chairs) have gliders on the legs. This is especially important around this time of year because when you have guests over, furniture will get moved and chairs will get pushed around on your floors.

#2 – No matter how busy you get around the holidays, don’t forget to follow the proper maintenance procedures for your hardwood floors. If drinks spill, clean them up as soon as you can and always use appropriate cleaning products. 

#3 – This is a tip I’m sure not many have thought about – fold a sheet and cover with a waterproof table cloth, underneath your Christmas tree. The cushioning and waterproof layer will stop the weight of the tree and water from the base from damaging the floor. The last thing you will want after the decorations are put away and you go to move your tree – is a huge water spot on your hardwood floors from your tree. 

#4 – Especially around holiday times, people get decked out in their best clothes and shoes. This usually means that women are wearing heels and men in hard-bottom dress shoes. Both of these can cause severe damage to your wood floors, particularly if the shoes are scuffed or weight is distributed unevenly. Also if there is any precipitation outside, their shoes will be wet, potentially causing even more damage. So kindly ask your guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home. One easy way is to have a designated spot near your front door. A boot tray will do the trick. 

Now let the festivities begin!