The hexagon has been called nature’s perfect shape as it appears organically in beehives, snowflakes and flowers. This honeycomb pattern fits perfectly into interior design, adding clean geometric angles to any surface in a space. From little to large stretch size options, hexagons can be used in classic and unexpected designs. Today the geometric trend takes on a modern interpretation of the age-old style by incorporating contemporary colors, patterns and textures. This trend allows us to move away from the traditional square tile format while creating a new eye-catching look. The possibilities are endless but we are going to show you our favorite ways to use these tiles around your home. 


Floral inspiration
This retro look utilizes color and placement to create a one-of-a-kind design and can even come in easy-to-install sheets. This is a good way to add a little bit of flair to your home, while keeping it classy. 





Classic Black and White
Black and white porcelain hexagons have been in homes since the early 20th century because they are classic and stand the test of time. They can be set as a solid color, in different patterns or as a contrast to each other in a border or design feature. Taking it one step further, the grout color can change the look completely too. The options are endless in bathrooms, lobbies and other entryways. 





The bigger the Better
This is a great motto when it comes to large scale hexagon tiles. The tiles allow you to be bold and emphasize the shape in large sizes like 8” or even 13” and really make a big statement. 






Cement brick tiles in the hexagon shape adds a rustic look to any space. Whether its inside in a kitchen or along the path to you backyard, these cement tiles can look contemporary or traditional depending on the colors you choose and the decor you pair it with. 







Glass hexagon tiles will add a touch of shine and sophistication to your bathroom, accent wall or kitchen backsplash. You don’t have to stick to just glass as there are many options with combinations of glass and stone. 






Elongated hexagons are a contemporary twist on the classic shape. The long shapes can be placed vertically to make a space feel taller or horizontally to appear wider.