A cozy and inviting breakfast nook is a welcome addition to any kitchen! Many kitchens have them built-in since it enjoyable to have a spot for casual dining or a relaxing cup of coffee with the newspaper in the morning. It is easy to add a breakfast nook to a kitchen without one; an awkward alcove or small corner works perfectly! Use these tips to design a breakfast area in your own kitchen!

  1. Assess your space! Does your kitchen have a built-in breakfast nook or is there a spot you can add one in? A small bistro table can easily fit in to a tight space. Get out your measuring tape to help you decide what you have room for. Designating the area in front of a window for a breakfast nook is very inviting but this is not always possible.bennett-pic-3
  2. Choose your dining surface! A small bistro table for a couple or a larger rectangular or round table for the family. Have the measurements of your space with you while you shop for furniture! Breakfast nooks tend to be small so it is important to choose a piece of furniture that fits.
  3. Decide on your seating! A table and chairs is traditional but a table with stools can be an option. Think about the number of people who will be using the space. A couple can use a table with two chairs but if the whole family will be having breakfast, you may need more seats. A loveseat or custom window bench is a great way to cozy up the space while also adding room for additional people. Throw pillows in complementing colors can be added to make your nook visually pleasing and welcoming! Check that the height of your seating allows people to comfortably sit at the table.Waymire 7
  4. How are your floors? Kitchen floors are often tile but hardwood or laminate is a popular choice in modern homes. Protect your floors from scratches from furniture and food spills with a rug. The right area rug can really make the breakfast nook stand out. A brightly colored rug adds a pop of color and energy to the room! Don’t be hesitant to try a different texture or design then you may Are your floors in good condition? Call us for a consultation if you are looking for a change!

5. Add in the extras! A vase of fresh flowers can add some color and warmth to the room. If there is extra room, consider a baker’s rack or hutch for extra storage. A hutch could be turned into a coffee bar with extra mugs as well as flavored syrup, sugar, and cinnamon. Make this space welcoming for your family with cheery prints on the wall and a chalkboard for notes. Consider using a mismatched set of vintage teacups or cartoon character juice classes; whatever makes you happy! The traditional “rules” for dinnerware get thrown out the window in a cozy, family gathering spot like the breakfast nook