We’ve all had this problem before. Your carpet’s wearing down and you don’t want to see it go away. You sigh and the devil whispers in your ear “just get wood flooring”, and you’re stuck on the crossroads between the floor you love, and the floor that’s more practical. But what if I told you there is a way you can keep your carpet alive by following five simple steps? Now before you report this blog as Fake News, hear us out: here are 5 tips for a longer lasting carpet!


Use a good quality vacuum


Before you go to craigslist to buy a used vacuum that looks like it’s from 1958, be warned: you get what you pay for. If you want to keep your carpets healthy, you need to keep it clean. The amount of dirt, crumbs, and germs that build up can do incredible damage to your floors. That’s why it’s worth investing in a decent vacuum cleaner so that you’re confident it will clean every bit of debris.

But buying the vacuum’s the first part. You also need to use it! Remember to vacuum your carpet often, perhaps every other day. This is especially true if you have children or a messy pet.


Call the Carpet Cleaner


Even with a high-quality vacuum, it’s not enough. While you can get rid of crumbs and debris, germs still like to hang around. That’s why you need to have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year. But again, if you have kids, a dog, or a messy lifestyle, it might be worth cleaning your carpet twice, or even three times per year.


Leave the Shoes Behind


Much more dirt sticks onto your shoes than you may think. Think of all the germs you carry every day getting to and from work, all the grass, mud, bugs or even feces (yes, feces!). All that filth gets on your carpet when you walk with your shoes inside.

Removing your shoes while indoors is a common courtesy all over the world. And if you don’t like being barefoot, people often use slippers or sandals. This creates a cleaner household and a better carpet.

But we understand that could be a big change. In that case, we recommend you at least…


Have a Welcome Mat


If taking your shoes off is too drastic, then just having a welcome mat and making sure you scrape your shoes will still do wonders to help your carpet. They say you’re still carrying outside debris after 17 steps indoors, so make sure you use that mat well.


Clean all Spots and Spills Immediately


Not only do you want to vacuum your carpet, you also want to make sure it’s protected from any spills. We all know the dangers of drinking with a carpeted floor. It becomes much worse when you procrastinate on that spill! Keep it from becoming a stain you can’t remove by cleaning all the spots and spills as soon as you see them!

And there you have it. If you remember one thing here, it’s that a clean carpet is a happy carpet.