Concerns About Carpet? Let’s Change Your Mind

Carpets have a bad reputation nowadays, since everyone wants to go with modern or textural or wood flooring. Yet, there are some amazing benefits of having carpets in your home. Let’s dive into some of the top five myths about carpet.


Carpet is Hard to Maintain:

False! Carpet is about just as difficult to maintain as every other flooring option. One of things to think about is routine maintenance. Carpet will require weekly vacuuming with a professional cleaning at least once a year. However, if you have foot traffic or pets in carpeted areas, then you may want to increase the maintenance. One of the biggest areas of worry when it comes to carpet is spot cleaning. Stains become more probable with carpet, but there are many ways to avoid them. You always want to clean up the spill immediately, and may want to consider a color or pattern of carpet that doesn’t show stains as easily as say white or ivory carpet.


Carpet is Outdated:

Lies! Carpet comes in a massive variety of textures, patterns, and hues. You can have carpet no matter what style you are thinking of from modern to boho to rustic. Normally homes have a mix of carpet and hardwood floors to add elements of texture and patterns. 






Carpet Irritates Allergies:

Wrong! Carpets in fact help you breathe easier. It acts as an allergen trap and holds significant quantities of dirt, dust and other substances. This enables these particulars to not float in the air to agitate. All the dirt, dust, and other substances can be easily vacuumed away. People with asthma or allergies are recommended by The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to vacuum with a HEPA air filter to trap even the most minuscule particles and allergens.



Carpet is Not Environmentally Friendly: 

Nah! Given this day and age, going green is what everyone is gravitating to. The carpet industry has actually become a major part of this movement. Synthetic carpet materials, which dominate the industry, are often reused and recycled into the new carpet fibers at the end of their lifecycle. Many major carpet brands now have products that are made from recycled materials. There are also other, greener options made from natural materials, like wool too.


Carpets are Moldy + Mildewy:

Not always! Mold and mildew exist ONLY where there is excess moisture and dirt coupled with poor cleaning and maintenance habits. Mold growth can occur on any surface–from window panes to carpet–that is not properly maintained and when moisture is extreme. Eliminating sources of excessive moisture, such as water leaks, and controlling humidity greatly offset the potential for mold to grow.