Welcome to 2019. This year is about bringing more style and personality to your home. Your floors make a big difference in the impression your home gives, and traditional patterns can make your home seem, well…boring.

If you’re looking for ways to make your living space more enjoyable and worth living in, you might want to look at the state of your floor. It’s the ground you walk on every day, so why not keep it healthy and in style?

We have 4 trendy patterns that will take your floor to the next level.


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Herringbone is the pattern where planks are switching direction. One row of planks are facing right, and then the one above is facing left.

This design is ideal for anyone looking for a traditional style that’s a little busier and eye-catching. It’s perfect for larger, more open spaces.


Wide Planks

11 29 pic 6 1 150x150 - 4 Trendy Hardwood Floor PatternsAs the name implies, a wide plank refers to…wide planks. This design is often done in smaller spaces to make them look bigger.

This design has been very popular in the past year, partially because of the increase in smaller living spaces. The desire to make a space look larger played a big role in this pattern’s popularity.



12 18 1 150x150 - 4 Trendy Hardwood Floor PatternsAnother self-explanatory name. While most planks run parallel to the wall, these planks are diagonal. Again this design is great for adding business without too much detail. It’s great for a large space and making your room look fresh.




Mixed Width

97E22AA75997E22 620x450 150x150 - 4 Trendy Hardwood Floor PatternsFinally, we have our most unique and least common pattern. This one’s for the true hipsters at heart. For anyone who needs the explanation, mixed width refers to planks with different widths. This gives a sense of randomness and excitement to the floor.

Another great one for large spaces because it makes full use of the space and is so versatile.


When redesigning your home, consider one of these patterns to give your floor some unique personality and elevate your home into a place worth seeing every day.