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We asked a few times in previous blog posts if carpets are obsolete, and while we disagree, we can’t deny that the trends are changing. There are still benefits to having a carpet; it makes your room warmer, is cheaper than hardwood, and is safer for toddlers and young children. You don’t have to settle for a boring, old-fashioned carpet either, there are options available to keep your home looking modern.

Bold Colors

Traditionally, carpets have subdued colors. Traditionally they’re either white, blue, red, yellow or grey. But now bolder, more unusual colors. Multi-color is also becoming pretty popular. Like a geometric black and white pattern. But other colors too, like bright blue, dark or bright green, or silver. These colors work best when there’s some pattern. A single, unified color is much less in fashion than bolder more unique designs and patterns.

Geometric Patterns

As we said, single colors are out and patterns are in. Some simple, but unique style customized for the individual is an excellent way to add personality to a single room. These patterns can take bold colors and make your floor into a work of art. Maybe creating a frame around a color or using something like a diamond pattern.

Waterproof Carpet

Yes, you heard that right! Technology has taken us to new, wonderful strides and that includes waterproof carpet! You no longer have to worry about water damage, mold, mildew, stains, or pet smells. Imagine the old wine spill on a white carpet catastrophe, with a waterproof carpet, you just get a paper towel and blot it out, it’s that easy.

Carpet Tile

The final trend that’s here to stay is carpet tile. Instead of taking one big swath of carpet and installing it to fit your room, you would get a set of square tiles and place them in rows on the floor. This setup can give you many advantages. For one, if your carpet gets a stain, you only need to replace that one tile.

Another benefit to having carpet tile is that you can mix and match different tiles however you like. This can lead to some bold, creative, and unique designs.

Overall, the trend is to go more bold and more personalized. One of the most common carpet cliches are that they’re supposed to look boring, old fashioned, and dull. But when you consider the modern styles and options available to you, a carpet can make your home look unique in ways other floors can’t.