Finishing your basement will not only add an extra space for entertaining or for your children to extend their imagination, it also adds value to your home. We’ve often seen basements after they’ve been finished albeit incorrectly and have been called in to fix the mistakes the previous person or company made. When you’re ready to convert this space, avoid these costly mistakes!


  1. Ignoring Moisture Problems

Don’t underestimate the multiple issues you will have if you don’t have a perfectly dry and secure basement. The impact of moisture can cause issues with your walls, floors, and eventually cause cracks in the foundation. Apply waterproof paint to the concrete walls after any repairs to add an additional layer of moisture protection. It may also be worth it to Ferriter pic 4 225x300 - 4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Finishing a Basementhave an inspection of your basement to ensure an issue hasn’t presented itself quietly under your nose.  Have the inspector check window frames, corners of the walls, and the area around your sump pump (if you have one in the basement).  Take a walk around the outside of your house to be sure soil slopes away from your foundation, clean out gutters and window wells too.


  1. Blocking Utilities

Yes, we understand how unsightly a hot water heater, sump pump and furnace can be. Of course, you want to make them a part of your design, but not leaving enough space for maintenance and repair work will cause unnecessary blocks between you and a solution to an issue. Add a battery backup and alert system to your sump pump if it’s really too ugly to keep from hiding. If the unit needs attention, you’ll be alerted before it’s too late.


  1. Improper Flooring Install

Here of course is where we get called in. Many times a homeowner will hire a contractor to finish their basement and that same contractor will be expected to put in the flooring. A contractor (no disrespect) is not a flooring specialist, and shouldn’t be trusted to do the job of a flooring professional. Take the time to do it right the first time. You may think you’re getting a deal, but if you have to pay them, and then pay us to fix their mistakes, how much of a deal are you really getting?


  1. Overlooking Comfort

The whole point of a finished basement is to have another place to either retire to, to entertain, or a space for your children to enjoy. Don’t overlook comfort in your overall design! Keep the area warm and comfortable during cold months by installing a separate thermostat. Keep it cool by adding registers that are connected to the central air system. Central air will also keep the room air dry making the quality of it 2 13 17 pic 2 225x300 - 4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Finishing a Basementfresh and odor-free.


Call us to discuss the steps you need to take before embarking on finishing your basement. We will work with you and your contractor to get the right flooring installed, and give you the perfect area that adds value to your home!