Wanderer pic 4Many of us look at our entry ways and wonder how anyone can get in or out with shoes, backpacks, and sports equipment laid out just inside the door! When you don’t have a transition room it can be frustrating to keep your home looking clean. Mudrooms are great additions to any home. Whether your home came ready with the space, or you need to create a mudroom with an addition or a space in your garage, you can easily turn it into a fully functional area!

When creating a mudroom, consider the needs of your family. Would they benefit from hooks to hang their coats, backpacks, and sports equipment or would shelves/cubbies serve them better? This is an area where function trumps style. Choose the look that makes the transition into the home the most efficient.

Use a bench with decorative pillows to bring some style to the space, however, if you do not have enough real estate for a bench, consider using a small stool instead.

Of course, one of the most important parts of creating a perfect mud room is the floors! Your choice should reflect the function of the room, and low overall maintenance. For example, natural stone gives you variation in Childs marble 3texture bringing style to the room, and is low maintenance. Wood floors will offer low maintenance as well, being an excellent choice for high maintenance rooms; however, wood floors will show wear and tear. For some this is a desired effect and for others it’s an eyesore.   Adding an indoor/outdoor rug will help protect the floor and add style as well.


Vinyl flooring will give you the look of wood without the hefty price, making it an excellent choice for mudrooms.  It’s not a lifetime guarantee however, so keep this in mind when making your selection.


One of our favorite looks for mudrooms (if feasible) is a herringbone or typical brick bond pattern using bricks. The ‘cobblestone’ look is one that brings a timeless look to your room, and certainly stands the test of time. If you’re not one to stick to a look for a very long time, however, this won’t work for you. Once the brick is laid, it’s difficult (and costly) to take out. Also, you can’t lay another flooring on top of it if necessary. Choosing brick is a permanent choice; choose wisely.


Let us see your space and help you design the perfect room with the best flooring option for your needs. Our designers bring years of knowledge to give you the most comprehensive experience!