Having a baby is a magical experience for any family. When you’re having your first child, you can never be completely prepared for everything that’s about to happen. You can read and read and read all sorts of blog posts and parenting books, but you will end up feeling unprepared no matter what.

But we can help you make raising a child much easier in your home. We compiled a few design tips to help you out as you organize your home to prepare for the new baby. So without further ado, here are 3 tips on making your home baby ready.

Don’t Focus All Your Energy on The Nursery

So the nursery is obviously pretty important. It’s where your baby’s going to sleep. But when you’re thinking about function, you realize that the baby is actually going to spend very little time in the nursery.

The baby will spend all its time with you. So you want to make sure that every room in the house has space for the baby to wander around, play, and lay down. This means maybe moving decorations out of the way and embracing a lot more open space.

Blankets, Rugs, Carpet

You want to avoid hard surfaces and make sure there’s always something soft so that the baby will not get in as much pain when (not if, when) they trip and fall. Babies are awkward mobile creatures and they need the freedom to explore their mobility and learn all these amazing things like how to crawl, walk, run, and climb.

Babies are all about moving around, so make it as easy for them to move and explore as you can.

Be Flexible

Every baby is different and that means your plans and organization methods are going to change. The last bit of advice we have for you is to be flexible and go with the flow. Be open ot changing things around so that you can focus on making your home environment as open to baby fun and exploration as possible.

Remember that your focus should always be on how to create the best environment for your child to grow, and to build space around that idea. Adjust your space to the baby, instead of acting like the baby will be added to the space.