Designing your home with intention doesn’t always require an interior designer. There are a few tips and tricks you can use yourself to make your home look a little bit nicer. A few weeks ago we wrote a post about interior design, but this week we want to focus on making it affordable. So let’s jump right in with 3 tips on affordable interior design.

Don’t be Afraid to Buy Used

Buying furniture new is not what it used to be. It’s now easier and safer than ever, plus a great way to interact with your neighborhood. Apps like NextDoor, Facebook Marketplace, and the classic Craigslist or eBay are all full of deals on great furniture.

With online sales more diverse than ever, you can find exactly what you need at an affordable price.

Get a Little Handy

There are lots of furniture and decorations out there that are still great but just need a little tweak. If something is not the right color, consider painting it.  Old wooden furniture often just needs a little resanding and polish, or even just finding a way to cover or camouflage that one damaged spot.

An eye for handy repairs can save you hundreds in the hunt for cheap furniture.

Make it Symmetrical

You can make anything look nice as long as it’s symmetrical. If you have 2 bookshelves full of records, for example, see if you can arrange them in a unique and orderly way and make sure it is symmetrical with the room.

The room itself should also be balanced. One side doesn’t have to mirror the other, but when you’re looking at one side versus the other, make sure they have the same amount of stuff. Balance, symmetry, and organization are key to a good looking home.  

Everyone Deserves a Nice Home

No matter your budget, you can make your living space nice. Just remember to organize all of your belongings. Hide away stuff that isn’t in season and neatly display the items you need every day. Consider the room’s balance and make sure every corner is carrying an equal amount of weight. Try to coordinate colors if you can, and look for unique ways to express yourself on the walls. You don’t need a fat wallet to have a nice home.