Hardwood floors are by far the most popular option for any homeowner. They are known for their stylistic design and their durability, given that they can be sanded down and repolished. Not to mention that with new technology, hardwood floors can also be more environmentally friendly and adaptable to damp environments more so than before. 

The type of hardwood is a harder decision, and that is where your personal style and flavor comes in. It’s hard to predict what styles will stay in style, although we can recommend you avoid older styles of hardwood. Larger boards, cool colors, texture, and matte finish are all very popular options that will give your home more value and a chic, modern look to your home. 

There are lots of things to know about hardwood before you install them in your home. Today, we’re going to share 3 things you didn’t know about hardwood. 

Hardwood Increases Air Quality

Did you know that installing hardwood can increase the air quality in your home? That’s because, unlike carpet, hardwood does not absorb mold, dust, or allergens. Leaving the space much easier to clean and the air easier to breathe. 

Don’t Use Wax or Cleaning Products that Promise a Nice “Sheen” 

This is one that not many people know about. When you’re looking for something to clean your hardwood floor, you want a regular hardwood floor cleaner. Cleaner that promises something fancy and especially ones that give an extra sheen to the floor can actually damage it. 

That sheen comes from a layer of wax it adds on to your floor. It doesn’t last long, meaning you would have to put the cleaning product on again and again. Every time you do that, the product deteriorates the floor a little. 

The worst part is that you can’t do a screen and recoat (the proper way to restore your hardwood floors) if you use these products just once. The layer of wax gets in the way, preventing us from getting the polyurethane to adhere properly. 

Don’t let these household mistakes keep you from keeping your floor looking beautiful. Making just one small change in the house can keep your floors looking flawless for many years to come. 

Hardwood Floors Add Resale Value

If you’re ever considering selling your home, then you need to go with hardwood floors. Hardwood floors increase your home’s value because they are easy to clean, and extremely durable.

For buyers, these three traits are essential for a home. And on top of its durability and usability, it also adds a sense of elegance to your home. 

And those are our 3 things you didn’t know about hardwood. Want to learn more? Give us a call.