Flooring is not just about aesthetics or design. It’s mainly about what you need. While hardwood or tile might be beautiful for some, you might find that you really need something a little different.

Carpet is an excellent option and alternative to hardwood floor for many practical purposes, and we’re going to share 3 with you today. So let’s jump right in with 3 reasons why you might need a carpet.


Carpet that’s well kept is easily the most comfortable to walk around on. For any home, we recommend a no-shoes policy indoors and it really does wonders for the cleanliness of your home.

Inside, many shoeless homes either wear flip-flops while others remain barefoot. Either way, hard-surface floors are either uncomfortable for bare feet, or they are easy to slip on flip-flops. While this might not sound like an issue for anyone who doesn’t have their bare feet on hardwood right now, we can assure you that this is a consideration you would be grateful for.

Noise Suppression

Soft material absorbs sound. The softer it is, the more it absorbs. The opposite is also true, the harder the surface, the more soundwaves are going to bounce off and reverberate. This is why cathedrals have delays of up to 30 seconds – the sound waves just keep bouncing off of all those surfaces.

If you are in a room that’s going to be very noisy – LOOKING AT YOU MUSICIANS – then you carpet might be the way to go. It’s not going to soundproof the room by any means, but I’m sure you parents out there would much prefer your teenager’s drum set to be muffled instead of amplified.


Finally, the last reason why you might need a carpet is cost. Carpet remains one of the most affordable flooring options out there. And there has never been this much variety in options.

If you’re worried about spilling, there are now water-proof carpets. If you’re worried about design, there are some beautiful and luxurious design options that rival the traditional hardwood or tile. Also, if you get carpet tile, it’s much easier to replace.

With this much customization at a fraction of the cost of hardwood, carpet ends up being a pretty good deal.