Carpet gets a little bit of a bad rep these days. Older carpet is hard to take care of, looks outdated, and can look filthy if it’s not cleaned regularly. Nowadays, hardwood floors are the most popular flooring option available, with wall-to-wall carpet having a reputation as being cheap.

But there’s nothing wrong with saving money if you can make it work, and there has been a lot of renovations in carpet that will make your living space more beautiful and elegant than ever before. Here are 3 modern ways to use carpet.

Use Rugs

The main design of today is simplicity with variety. Multiple designs that are very different, but simple in themselves. One way to do this is by using a plain carpet and layering it with rugs. This is a common solution for hardwood floors but is considered less often for carpet.

Part of the reason why is that using rugs on carpet is technically putting the same thing on top of itself, but it’s the variety of design that keeps it from feeling redundant. The rugs should be a different color and a little more complex in design.

Use Colorful Furniture

If you have carpet that’s very simple, very traditional, then consider going bold and colorful with your furniture. This contrast will bring more attention to your interior design and allows your floor to ironically blend in with everything else.

You can also embrace the one color of your carpet and use the same color throughout the room. This is a great choice for bolder colors like red or blue.

Go with Variety and Color in Your Carpet Design

Instead of adding color and variety to a dull carpet, you can also use carpet that itself is lively. You can do this through varying carpet tiles, geometric designs, or using layered and multi-color carpet designs. There are so many more unique options for carpet today than even a few years ago.

Carpet can be beautiful and elegant, you just have to be creative with it!