When you’re planning to redesign your home, you want to keep your house’s market value in mind. The decisions you make can affect the increase in value of your home. With something like flooring, that means that you need to consider a floor that will add a lot of market value to your home. 

As a general rule, hardwood floors add the most value to your home. But there are many different types of hardwood. Not to mention various trends in hardwood flooring. What’s popular today might look outdated and undesirable in a few years. So how do you know what kind of hardwood trend will last? 

That’s what we’re here to figure out. We’re going to give you 3 hardwood trends that will increase the value of your home, and never go out of style. 

Wide Plank

Wide Plank flooring is a fairly new trend that we’re pretty confident in. Wide Plank floors are planks that are more than five inches. This flooring type has seen a huge surge in recent years. And they have market durability because they’re fairly simple and easy to manage. 

Simplicity is always a style that will stay, or at least always come back. These planks add a rustic tone to the room, they’re easy to clean, and are completely customizable. Giving them a lot of value. 

We predict that this trend will go on for a while. But we also know that the biggest surge is right now; if you’re selling soon, then Wide Plank is the way to go. 

Mixed Width

Mixed width is another type of flooring that we feel confident in. This one should come with a caveat. They work best in large rooms. If you put mixed width floors in smaller rooms it starts to look like there’s too much going on in a small amount of space. 

But for a large space, mixed width is perfect. It’s a simple solution to the problem of making your space look too big or too empty. It adds just a little bit of activity without needing to get too weird with or unique with the flooring. 

This floor is busy, but elegant. 

Grey Flooring

Not only are we dealing with width, but we’re also dealing with color. Grey flooring has become incredibly popular and rightfully so. It’s a beautiful, elegant look that literally shines. It’s a great way to make a small room feel more spacious, while also making it look unique in a simple way. 

We predict that grey flooring will be popular for a long, long time. 

And there you have it! These are our top 3 flooring trends that will raise the value of your home. If you want more specifics about how your home can benefit from a flooring makeover, be sure to give us a call.