The world of carpet is evolving. While many trends come and go, we have 3 here to share with you that we believe belong in a 21st century home. These carpet trends and styles represent what those in the millennial generation are buying and valuing in their homes. So let’s jump right in with 3 carpet trends for a 21st century home. 

Waterproof Carpet

Advances in modern technology are bringing us inventions we never knew we needed. Waterproof carpet is definitely one of those inventions. It has all the benefits of carpet without its biggest drawback. 

Waterproof carpet is just like any other carpet, but you don’t have to worry about stains ruining your perfectly good floor. It’s a little more on the expensive side, but still cheaper than other flooring options and well worth the money. 

We expect this trend to stay popular and become a feature of every new rug not too far in the future. 

Recycled Carpet

What many people don’t realize is that as generations get older, more millenials are going to be purchasing homes and remodeling their floors. While generalizations on this group are certainly overdone, they do generally pay more attention to the manufacturers of their products and the environmental impact they have. 

As we get deeper into climate change we’re going to need to find options that lower our carbon footprint. This is especially true in the flooring industry, where companies are often incentivised to have a large carbon footprint. We need consumers to demand more environmentally friendly options for flooring, and that definitely includes carpet. 

We expect this trend to stay and grow in the future. Ideally, we will see all flooring options lower their carbon footprint. 

Frieze Carpet

Differently textured carpets are very much in style now. While many still go with soft carpet, there are many different textures that are cheaper and more available than ever. One of those textures is frieze or “twisted” carpet. 

You get this carpet texture by twisting the carpet strands many times, creating a more vibrant, more frenzied texture. 

This trend is more of a throwback to the 70’s and based purely on style. While this style is trendy now, it’s possible this trend will not last and could result in an outdated home later in the future. 

All of these trends are very popular with new home buyers, and could be a great option for someone interested in the value of a carpeted room without the drawbacks from a regular carpet.